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Nintendo-s Wii U will arrive Nov. 18 and cost we $300, $350

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Winda Benedetti


Will we collect adult a Wii U and a GamePad controller?

Nintendo has revealed that it will launch a newest diversion machine — the Wii U — on Nov. 18. The Japanese gaming hulk on Thursday also announced that it will sell a console — which features a tablet-sized touch-screen controller — in dual bundles.

The simple set will include the
Wii u console, Wii U GamePad controller, AC adapters, an HDMI wire and a sensor bar. It will run $299.99 and come in a tone white.

The fine set will embody all of a above as good as additional memory, a GamePad charging cradle, and will embody a -Nintendoland- set of minigames. It will run $349.99.

The news came during a Wii U preview eventuality in New York City during which Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime serve explained that, though a Wii U also uses a customary motion-sensing controllers that came with a comparison indication Wii, a new Wii U machine won-t come finished with them. He pronounced there were already adequate of them -in a wild.-

The Wii U is a inheritor to Nintendo-s famed Wii diversion console, that launched behind in Nov 2006 and has sole some-more than 96 million units worldwide. The original Wii — which comes with Remote controllers that can sense a player-s movements — introduced a universe to motion-controlled gaming (hello -Wii Sports-) and, in doing so, shot to huge popularity.

Like a predecessor, a Wii U will also come finished with a singular controller — the GamePad (pictured above). This wireless touch-screen inscription will not usually let players use a touch interface as good as ride sticks to control their games, it will give gamers a second, singular perspective of a diversion that is personification out on a television.

For example, in a rarely expected fear diversion -ZombiU,- players will see a shuffling undead entrance during them on their TV screen, but will inspect a essence of their practical trek (looking for weapons and other supplies) by looking during a tablet-s screen. They competence also use a inscription as a kind of radar screen to detect incoming zombies that can-t be seen on a TV.

Additionally, a GamePad will let gamers play Wii U games on a smaller screen when a TV is bustling being used for other things. (For some-more on how a GamePad works, check out this story.)

Nintendo says that a Wii U console can support dual Wii U GamePad controllers and adult to 4 Wii Remotes (or 4 of the new Xbox-like Wii U Pro Controllers, should a diversion call for it.)

With tablets and smartphones - and their touchscreens - becoming a absolute force in gaming these days, it creates clarity that Nintendo would move a touch-screen into play. And yet, many gamers and diversion pundits have voiced doubt about Nintendo-s new console - worrying that it will follow in a trail of a predecessor.

That is, while a original Wii sold unusually good initially, a sales have taken a poignant thrust in new years. Many seasoned gamers have incited green on a machine, feeling that, over Nintendo-s possess first-party games (Mario, Kirby and a like), a Wii has become home to far-too-many gimmicky, motion-controlled kiddie games and distant too few well-crafted games for seasoned players.

And so with a Wii U, Nintendo must woo back skeptical players - many of that are concerned that a Wii U and a GamePad will again offer some-more gimmick than substance.

But while some are doubtful of a Wii U-s second-screen proceed to gaming, it-s value observant that both of Nintendo-s competitors - Sony and Microsoft -are bringing second screens into play with to their own home diversion machines as well.

Sony has been compelling a handheld diversion appurtenance - the PlayStation Vita - as a messenger device to a PlayStation 3. Not usually can gamers play certain titles on both a Vita and PS3, a Cross Controller underline creates it so a Vita acts like a PS3 controller while its small screen offers a different view of what-s function in a diversion than what you-re saying on a TV screen. (Check out Sony-s demo of LittleBigPlanet 2 here to see what we mean) .

Meanwhile, during a Electronic Entertainment Expo progressing this year, Microsoft denounced a SmartGlass app which would, for example, concede a gamer playing -Halo 4″ on their Xbox 360 to view in-game maps on their inscription or let someone playing -Madden NFL- on their Xbox pull a play on their inscription and make it occur in a game.

The press discussion is still ongoing, so stay tuned here for some-more Wii U news as it happens.

Winda Benedetti writes about video games for NBC News. You can follow her tweets about games and other things on Twitter here @WindaBenedetti, and we can follow her on Google+. Meanwhile, be certain to check out the IN-GAME FACEBOOK PAGE to plead a day-s gaming news and reviews.

Video: The Nintendo Wii U is some-more fun than we know

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